1. So Sweet

From the recording Audio Portrait Of Love

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© Jacnique Nina Harris-Love
Lyrics: Jacnique Nina Harris-Love
Music: Written, Produced & Performed by Ricardo Love
Published by SirenFire Music Publishing LLC


adlib: (Ricardo)
So sweet
So sweet

It was an awakening
Time stood still
My eyes teary

The sweetest feeling
The day love walked in

Welcome stranger
Have a seat at my table
Don’t know you at all
But I feel drawn so strongly

And not to mention
Your golden complexion
It’s like the sun
Smiled on me

Adlib: (Ricardo)
So sweet
And we are so blessed
To have a love
So sweet

And you can have anything
That you came to get from me
Maybe you were meant to leave
I pray you’ll stay always

Always you will be to me
Everything I’ll ever need
You’re the answer to my prayers
My dream in reality

So sweet
So sweet
So sweet
So sweet

So sweet
So sweet
So sweet
So sweet

spoken word: (Ricardo)
So sweet
It’s like we are adam & eve
Discovering love for the first time
They sat nothing ever lives up to the dream
But they are wrong
And I’ve waited for this dream for oh so long
You awaken dormant visions
And it was like lights, camera, action
Pure satisfaction
But no hollywood romance story could compare
Live this complete love
Do we dare
Mmm, so sweet


So sweet
So sweet
So sweet
So sweet